13 Reasons why I’m on Netflix.

Hey friends 🙂 Does anyone have any good Netflix recommendations? I know I do! I would recommend checking out Frankie and Grace, it starts off a little slow but around the third episode it gets pretty good lol. This family is so dysfunctional and there is a lot of pot jokes and sarcasm. Frankie is definitely a bad ass grandma and I find her humor hilarious lol… she is the epitome of an OG grandma.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.40.10 AM.png

I decided to randomly watch it to cheer me up after 13 reasons why fucked me up… That show had so many twists… like honestly you know where its headed but it just keeps getting more and more twisted which was entertaining don’t get me wrong. But I just wanted to be Clay and help Hannah… and don’t even get me started on Courtney…

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and am I the only one that though Clay was handsome???? He reminds me of a younger Freddy Prinze Jr. ❤

Any good show recommendations?


Happy Easter.

Hey guys! long time no chat, so I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and ate a lot. I got to eat dinner at my boyfriends house, and was it just me or was there a lot of car accidents? Unfortunately I got into a fender bender myself, nothing huge but still scary. While entering a freeway ramp the lady behind me failed to pay attention and stop and swerved out at the last minute and scratched up my bumper a bit. All in all I’m just glad everyone was okay. Oh god I had like the worst cravings for sugar so I just ended up going to Starbucks and getting a green tea latte with no sweetener and that really helped. I’m also looking forward to the weekend because I will be attending my first Coachella ever!! I’ll be sure to post lots of pics and maybe even a little video, we will see. My school week is off to a rocky start but I know it will get better, happy studying y’all! Midterms are upon us and I’ve already taken one for my animal anatomy and physiology class. It helps that I have a really awesome teacher 🙂

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Oh also I started playing overwatch (an online FPS game) and even though I’ve been told I am horrible… TT- TT I’m sure I’ll get better over time… lmao. SO go and add me 😀 (kano#1133)

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My quarter has already begun and I already feel the stress of school weighing down on me. I haven’t been posting because I’m trying to be “organized” this quarter but just like most students I feel like I am going to start strong and slowly become a sloth during the quarter. I wonder how everyone else is doing, everyone appears fine but maybe they are just as concerned as I am.

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send help. pls.



Hospital Scare.

Hey Friends! sorry for my lack of posts this week, my spring break has been quite hectic thus far.  As some of you may know I love animals and hope to be a veterinarian someday. I took on the task of looking for owners for a litter of puppies that are related to my little pup Nugget. 🙂 Unfortunately, the owners of the pups that placed me in charge of them don’t care for their needs. Recently I went to check on the puppies and although some were happy, one of the six that I wanted to keep wasn’t doing very well. I gazed upon him as he stood shaking and alone in a corner. I though maybe he might have been scared or had just woken up. Suddenly he collapsed and began convulsing uncontrollably. I ran to him and cared for him to the best of my ability. When he finally grew limp I noticed he was still alive but weak, so I ran to my car and took him to the nearest animal hospital. There I received horrible care, I held this poor little guy in my arms as he drooled and bobbed his head back and forth with little to no strength in his body. I don’t know what made me more upset, the fact that the woman at the front desk kept asking me what was wrong with him as I repeated myself or that she made me fill out the paper work while holding him because she refused to touch him. When I handed him to her she responded with “Is there anyone else that can hold him?” After about 20 minutes of waiting I was finally able to see a veterinarian and they ran a blood panel on this little pup. When he was finally given back to me I killed every flea I could find on him and it seemed to be helping. They returned and told me he seemed fine and did nothing else. They then proceeded to tell me I could run more tests for more money. I could see he was dehydrated and potentially hungry, I drove to the Petsmart minutes before closing, I bought him the best puppy wet food and took him home. As my younger sister and I fed him he rushed to the food as though he hadn’t eaten since he was born. He began to shake… I assumed out if excitement but realized he was having another seizure. I began to tear up as I watched him whimper as his body grew stiff and his eyes grew wider. After about less than a minute he relaxed and crawled onto my lap where he whimpered. My mother walked in a told us to feed him slowly, so we did. Soon after she carried him and as we made a small bed with blankets and towels and petted him until he fell asleep. I fed him dewormer minutes later once I noticed the worms in his stool. I continued to keep his bed by my side. I was so afraid he would have another seizure or worse. The night continued and I didn’t sleep until the next night. He slowly regained strength and I played with him in between his naps. I’m glad to say he is a lot better now and has yet to have a seizure, he shakes occasionally but I’m always there to make sure he is okay.

Starving till I tasted you.

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Hello friends! I am happy to say that my spring break has officially started and oooooh honey am I excited! The only sad part is literally all of my closest pals are still in school and go on break when I have to go back TT- TT JUST MY LUCK! On the bright side I’ve already began to break in my spring break pajamas in preparation for my first ever real vegas trip. #mybodyisnotreadyforaswimsuit I think the reason I’m excited is because I heard they have a great ramen place and I absolutely adore ramen. (Especially a good spicy ramen :9 YUMMY! Honestly I am kinda worried about my exams because I found them extremely hard but I guess my grades are in the hands of the test gods and I’m just going to have to wait and see. On another note I am looking forward to starting up my OOTS (outfits of the spring) ;D and maybe some reviews of products or video game reviews real soon since I have time now. Don’t these tacos look yummy by the way?!? I went to grab some with dad after some unfortunate events that occurred earlier in the day and it definitely made the day a whole lot better. + I was starving LOL. I hope all of you are doing well on finals or in school and I’ll talk to you all in my next post! 🙂

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What time is it?!?!

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Hey friends! am I the only one that is sad about the time springing forward one hour? I feel like it seriously cut into my lounging time haha x) But anyway the title of today’s post comes from my binge watching of Nerdy Nummies on youtube ❤ If you have never heard of this youtube channel, here is a link.

I honestly want to try making the cute snails from Adventure Time and possibly uploading how they turned out 🙂 . I think baking is a really fun hobby to try to at least once in your life! Heck even make it a party with friends and just pop in a movie. I love Ro’s suer happy vibe and most of all she makes awesome sweet and savory treats base off of video games, cartoons and such <3_ ❤ I have her cookbook that I got for christmas from my boyfriend Alex and I love love love all the vibrant colors and awesome pictures of the treats she has created. I have also been looking for more interesting youtube channel’s to check out s if you have any ideas go ahead and let me know ^- ^

I could literally spend all day watching Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears and Steven Universe.

There is just something about these shows that makes me feel super energetic and optimistic about life! Not to mention me and my sister are definitely #teamBMO and #Icebear ❤

I’m out of your league.

Hey guys! so as awful as the heading of this blog post is… haha, let me explain. If any of you are video game fans like yours truly and you play on the Xbox one or the Playstation 4. Invest in the couch co-op friendly ROCKET LEAGUE! You have the option of playing online or with friends right at home. But since I’m being “cost efficient” aka cheap lol… I play 1v1 rounds with friends or 2v2 with a friend and we challenge PRO bots. Essentially during the game you are playing in your customized whip and playing soccer against one another. That’s not all though! There is a rumble mode where you use power ups, activated by  pushing on the left joystick, to attack your opponents from scoring or assisting you in scoring. This game is seriously addicting and I recommend you check it out, cause that’s what I will be doing during my “study breaks”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 5.50.29 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 5.51.35 PM

Do any of you have any video game recommendations?