Hospital Scare.

Hey Friends! sorry for my lack of posts this week, my spring break has been quite hectic thus far.  As some of you may know I love animals and hope to be a veterinarian someday. I took on the task of looking for owners for a litter of puppies that are related to my little pup Nugget. 🙂 Unfortunately, the owners of the pups that placed me in charge of them don’t care for their needs. Recently I went to check on the puppies and although some were happy, one of the six that I wanted to keep wasn’t doing very well. I gazed upon him as he stood shaking and alone in a corner. I though maybe he might have been scared or had just woken up. Suddenly he collapsed and began convulsing uncontrollably. I ran to him and cared for him to the best of my ability. When he finally grew limp I noticed he was still alive but weak, so I ran to my car and took him to the nearest animal hospital. There I received horrible care, I held this poor little guy in my arms as he drooled and bobbed his head back and forth with little to no strength in his body. I don’t know what made me more upset, the fact that the woman at the front desk kept asking me what was wrong with him as I repeated myself or that she made me fill out the paper work while holding him because she refused to touch him. When I handed him to her she responded with “Is there anyone else that can hold him?” After about 20 minutes of waiting I was finally able to see a veterinarian and they ran a blood panel on this little pup. When he was finally given back to me I killed every flea I could find on him and it seemed to be helping. They returned and told me he seemed fine and did nothing else. They then proceeded to tell me I could run more tests for more money. I could see he was dehydrated and potentially hungry, I drove to the Petsmart minutes before closing, I bought him the best puppy wet food and took him home. As my younger sister and I fed him he rushed to the food as though he hadn’t eaten since he was born. He began to shake… I assumed out if excitement but realized he was having another seizure. I began to tear up as I watched him whimper as his body grew stiff and his eyes grew wider. After about less than a minute he relaxed and crawled onto my lap where he whimpered. My mother walked in a told us to feed him slowly, so we did. Soon after she carried him and as we made a small bed with blankets and towels and petted him until he fell asleep. I fed him dewormer minutes later once I noticed the worms in his stool. I continued to keep his bed by my side. I was so afraid he would have another seizure or worse. The night continued and I didn’t sleep until the next night. He slowly regained strength and I played with him in between his naps. I’m glad to say he is a lot better now and has yet to have a seizure, he shakes occasionally but I’m always there to make sure he is okay.


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