What time is it?!?!

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Hey friends! am I the only one that is sad about the time springing forward one hour? I feel like it seriously cut into my lounging time haha x) But anyway the title of today’s post comes from my binge watching of Nerdy Nummies on youtube ❤ If you have never heard of this youtube channel, here is a link.

I honestly want to try making the cute snails from Adventure Time and possibly uploading how they turned out 🙂 . I think baking is a really fun hobby to try to at least once in your life! Heck even make it a party with friends and just pop in a movie. I love Ro’s suer happy vibe and most of all she makes awesome sweet and savory treats base off of video games, cartoons and such <3_ ❤ I have her cookbook that I got for christmas from my boyfriend Alex and I love love love all the vibrant colors and awesome pictures of the treats she has created. I have also been looking for more interesting youtube channel’s to check out s if you have any ideas go ahead and let me know ^- ^

I could literally spend all day watching Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears and Steven Universe.

There is just something about these shows that makes me feel super energetic and optimistic about life! Not to mention me and my sister are definitely #teamBMO and #Icebear ❤


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