I’m home.


Welcome to my new blog ^- ^. I have always wanted to create a place where I can document my thoughts and adventures and share with random strangers haha. I’ve noticed my reoccurring pattern to place everything on my snapchat but now I can document with a more elegant touch I suppose. I’m just a simple girl in college that is probably just as lost as some of the other poor souls out there. But it’s okay because everyday is a new day to create something and figure myself out a little bit more than yesterday. I’m not really sure how to blog but I guess I’ll figure it out as I go. I thought about looking up how to properly do this but I figured where would the fun be in that. So I guess you will all just get to see and read about my life and learn how it really appears to me. I suppose this is better than me fabricating it to look like someone else’s life. Well again I hope you will all enjoy my posts and hopefully you enjoy looking at my little world through a crystal ball.